Making a will helps to plan the procedures in the aftermath of death, even though nothing can prepare us fully of the loss of a loved one.

Estate - where death occurs any ownership ceases and any assets /wealth is subsequently called the deceased’s estate.

The administration / execution of the estate whether is through a will or through law, proceeds to pass on, any assets / wealth remaining after the full payment of debts or taxes, to the deceased’s beneficiaries.

Best way to avoid misunderstandings and hard feelings between relatives is to have an Administrator. The administrator is placed and directed by laws and regulations. He not being amongst the beneficiaries or close relatives of the deceased helps to protect the assets and wealth of the estate and makes sure that all is correctly distributed on to the beneficiaries. Distribution and thus execution of the will or the administration can only take place once the amounts owed to debts and taxes are fully paid for having the property remaining for distribution.